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turquoise dreams


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ruffled hearts


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juniper berries earrings


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Batty for Bats Hand Woven Seed Bead Earrings


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hot pink beaded bead earrings


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green beaded bead earrings


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Mooooooving Beadwork

For my Native American style beadwork I use glass seed beads and Delicas, which are Japanese glass beads. My work is created using traditional Native American methods of beading such as brick stitch and peyote stitch. Many of my handcrafted beadwork creations incorporate stone beads and leather. I use quality FireLine thread for sturdiness and because it will not stretch. My earrings are made with surgical steel.

All my jewelry is handmade by me so all items can be made in any colors you would like. Please contact me and I will be happy to make you a custom order.
I look forward to working with you!